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VITTAIL Solutions for Lethal Cancers

VIttail reinvention of cancer management through new strategic therapies for cancers of viral and non-viral origins

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Our Vision

Our Vittail Mission is to create therapeutic solutions for a variety of difficult-to-treat cancers.

Our Visin
The problem

The problem

Global Cancer Incidence for Women and Men is Rising

Advanced HPV-related cancers and aggressive Prostate Cancer have no effective treatments to date. Our novel technology offers a new treatment for prevention and treatment.  

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Human Papilloma Virus 

Global incidence for women and men is rising; by ~700,000 new cases each year. 

HPV vaccination programs (e.g. Gardasil, Cervarix) are not well adopted globally, and vaccination rates fell during the COVID pandemic. 

Global New Cases of HPV-related Cancers Per Annum
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Prostate Cancer

The most diagnosed cancer in men and the second leading cause of cancer-related death; >200,000 new cases each year in the US alone.

Our Solution

Our Solution

To develop first-in-class drugs capable of combating HPV-initiated cancers and advanced Prostate Cancer.

  • Vittail innovative drugs will empower the body to fight cancer by unlocking its key cancer defence system. 

  • Our Vittail approach builds on solid laboratory-based evidence

Our Team

Our Team

Prof Ygal Haupt

Prof. Haupt made milestone discoveries in unravelling how cancer develops. He is internationally recognised by >130 publications and >15,000 citations. He has led international cancer research programs focused on the VITTAIL drug target He has consulted to biotechs, initiated a drug discovery program and the commercialization of products.

Co-Founder and internationally recognized expert in cancer research

Dr John Deadman

Dr. Deadman has over 30 years of experience in drug -discovery and drug-development.

Co-Founder and an expert in medicinal chemistry and drug-discovery.

Dr Tom Peat

Dr. Peat is a founding member of three biotechs and was part of the CTx team that developed compounds licensed to Merck and Pfizer. His vast experience in drug development is highly relevant to this project.

Co-founder and international expert in crystallography and structure-based drug design

 Board Members

Prof. Andrew Wilks

VITTAIL Board member and a serially successful entrepreneur

Prof. Wilks brings to VITTAIL a wealth of commercial experience, following a successful academic career. He has (co-) founded ten companies supplying drug discovery services to the international biotech sector.

Mr. Boaz Shiponi

VITTAIL Board member and an expert in finance, software, manufacturing and R&D activities

Mr. Shiponi brings to Vittail a vast experience in management and financing and business development.

Scientific Advisory Board

VITTAIL  has internationally recognized clinical advisory panel including: 

Prof. Shahneen Sandhu

World expert in the management and therapeutics of prostate cancer

Prof. Sandu has extensive experience in clinical trials design and leadership with industry.

Prof. Ben Solomon:

International expert in medical oncology, with expertise in head and neck and lung cancers.

Prof. Solomon has vast experience in development of new therapeutics, biomarkers and leadership in clinical trials.

Our Partners


Vittail has partnered with SYNthesis Research, a leading small molecule drug discovery company, allowing Vittail to leverage their extensive experience in early-stage drug discovery services. SYNthesis Research has been supporting Vittail since 2021 with investment and  R&D services, capitalising on their unique international R&D innovation network.




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